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Power of the human voice

It is said that the voice is the mirror to the soul.

What a privilege to be able to use

the voice as a musical instrument.

The jazz-legend, Miles Davis, once said when asked why he used a harmon mute on his trumpet: "It reminds me of the human voice".

We can shout, whisper, cry, laugh, use overtones, sing verbal or non-verbal phrases... By singing we can unite our voices, we can unite our heartbeats, and we can unite our love and passion for music in Like birds on a wire, like voices in a worldwide choir

ensembles and choirs. The singing

voice enable us to express what is

hidden between the words.

We live in special times, but even in a pandemi we can unite our voices and sing together by using modern technology. I feel grateful and inspired to write music for the vast variety of voices in our beautiful singing community. Stay focused and inspired, and be passionate with your dreams.

I wish you all a happy, hopeful new singing year.

Tone Krohn

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